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Preserving Nature

We all know that human beings draw most of our reserves from Mother Earth and nature. It is therefore essential to preserve our natural resources so that mankind can benefit out of the same over a longer period of time. One of the ways we can help to protect the nature is by ensuring that we do not destroy the resources provided to us by nature. Here is a small write up on how each individual can contribute to society by preserving natures resources and ensuring that each person plays a role in conserving or augmenting the common resources available to mankind.

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How to treat Capital gains from real estate.

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Disclaimer : The enclosed is a write up from a leading newspaper. Viewers are advised to exercise caution by way of consulting their respective tax consultants to understand the laws relating to capital gains from time to time. The above write up is published only for viewers information and Axis Spaces or its group companies are not liable or responsible for any changes or non applicability of the above article due to subsequent revision in tax laws.

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